Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FREE MUSIC: DJ Burn One - The Ashtray

Came across this project today via the smoking section. You can get the full story and the compilation for free by clicking your way over there. I've become a big fan of Burn One since I first heard Trunk Muzik. There is a variety of dope sounds on this comp but don't expect any rhymes, this is entirely an instrumental album, but don't let that sway you. This is dope all the way through.


01. Lucy Says High
02. School Daze
03. The Mighty
04. Live
05. OG (Reprise)
06. The Day The King Was Crowned
07. 4 oz
08. Melody’s Rapture
09. And Then There Was…. The Green Machine
10. Sheet Rock In Technicolor
11. Bobby Cox (Extended)
12. Sharae’s Cherade
13. Melophobia
14. More SMASH Potatoes
15. The Last Doob

download: smokingsection

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